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Sheet Cakes

8x11" serves 10-12

9x12" serves 16-20

10x15" serves 30-35

12x16" serves 40-48

16x24" serves 80-96


Double Layer Round Cakes

6" serves 10-12

8" serves 16-20

9" serves 24-30

10" serves 30-36

12" serves 45-50

14" serves 70-76


Cake Pops

*Available in any of our standard single cake flavors, dipped in milk, white or dark chocolate with a drizzle or sprinkles.

*Priced per dozen


Homemade PIES!

Traditional Fruit, Cream, and ICE CREAM pies!

Ice Cream Cakes

*Includes one layer of ice cream and one layer of cake, decorated with whipped cream icing.

8" round serves 16-20

10" round serves 25-30

12" round serves 30-36


Cupcakes - Standard or Jumbo

*Priced per dozen, available in any standard single flavor

or marble flavors

Prices depend on decoration.

Mini Cupcakes

*Available in standard single flavors with basic decorations only.

Cupcake Cones

*Cupcakes baked into an ice cream cone

*Available in Standard or Mini sizes

Buttercream Shots

*Shot glass sized cup of our homemade buttercream icing with sprinkles

Cookie Cakes

10" round

12" round

14" round

*Available in Sugar, Honey Dough, Chocolate Chip or Brownie!



Cream Cheese Mints

Chocolate Mints

Lemon Bars



Peanut Clusters

S'mores Pops

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

*Dipped with a decorative drizzle

*Bride or Groom decor

*Football decor

*Baseball decor


Dessert Cakes and Drop Cookies in seasonal flavors

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