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Standard Cake Flavors

*Traditional White

*Devils' Food Chocolate





*Chocolate Chip

*Chocolate Chocolate Chip

*Cherry Chip


*French Vanilla

*Mint Chocolate Chip

*Classic Swirl

(White and Chocolate)

*Strawberry Cream Swirl

(Strawberry and White)

*Mint Swirl

(Chocolate and Mint)

*Lemon Berry Swirl

(Lemon and Strawberry)

*Chocolate Dipped Berry

(Chocolate and Strawberry)

Custom Cake Flavors

*Red Velvet



*Butter Pecan


*Pink Champagne


*Key Lime

*German Chocolate

*Italian Cream Cake

*Neopolitan Swirl

(White, Strawberry, & Chocolate)

Icing Choices


*Chocolate Buttercream

*Rolled Fondant

*White or Milk Chocolate

Poured Ganache

*Whipped Topping

*Cream Cheese

Filling Flavors

Cakes must be double layered to allow a place for filling,

rounds are perfect!



*Seedless Raspberry

*Bavarian Cream

*Coconut Cream







*Key Lime

*Chocolate Fudge

*Cream Cheese


Fillings are also great in standard or jumbo sized cupcakes!

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